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Business Bank Accounts for Bankrupts

Business bank accounts for bankrupts can be very difficult to open as every main bank will credit check all the main principle of a business before they approve the opening of a new bank account, meaning if any one of those principles are found to be bankrupt the application will almost certainly be declined.

We will be able to find a business accounts for bankrupts based on Identity only and not credit checks, meaning anyone found to have any severe credit problems, including bankrupts, can be accepted on the condition they can be formally identified.

How can I apply for a Business Bank Accounts for Bankrupts?

This new type of business account is readily available and ideal for those who have found themselves in a situation of being bankrupt as they offer all the main facilities required for most businesses, often including a sort-code, account number, Internet banking, Standing Orders, Faster Payments and a bank card, which like a debit card gives you access to all your cleared funds.

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Are these accounts Guaranteed and how can I be sure I will not be declined?

As these types of business accounts are offered on an Identity basis and not a credit basis, the fact that you are (or have been) bankrupt will not make any difference to the application, so as long as you have the necessary identity documents then you can be assured you will be accepted.

As there are no credit facilities the requirement for a credit check will not be necessary meaning these types of business accounts will be based on Identity and the activity of the business itself.

Your new business account is also Fully Regulated & Authorised by the FCA, meaning you can be assured your money is being held in a fully regulated business account.

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Business Bank Accounts for Bankrupts

Business Bank Accounts for Bankrupts - Guaranteed Acceptance

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