Non-UK Resident Business Bank Accounts

Opening a UK business bank account - How our Specialist Service works

Opening non UK Resident Business Bank Accounts – How our Specialist Service Works

Opening any new business account for a non UK resident can be very difficult with any of the main banks as they are always very wary of those they may not easily be able to identify or whose business is operated outside of the UK jurisdiction.

They also have very strict criteria and would almost certainly decline in-excess of 95% of applications meaning if they were to accept applications directly then they would require a huge amount of resources to find the odd one or two that they would be willing to accept.

So how can we open non UK resident business bank accounts?

We work very closely with many of the high street banks as well as private banks, International banks and other financial providers who can offer non UK resident business bank accounts so have access to a very wide range of providers.

Why would a bank accept an application through us and not directly?

Simple – we work as a giant filter and will only approach the providers we know who will accept the various types of applications we get, so we save them a lot of time and wasted resources by only passing over the types of businesses and applicants we know they would be willing to consider.

This saves them a considerable amount of time rejecting all those they know they will not be able to assist plus they they get the applicants they DO want, so it works well for everyone involved.

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How does our non UK resident business bank accounts service work?

We have a THREE stage process with all our applications:

Stage 1 – Pre-application Service
You would be required to complete our Pre-application form which will give us all the necessary basic information which will allow us to approach our various providers.

Non UK Resident Business Accounts – Click here for pre-application form

From this we will source a variety (where possible) of banks and providers who will be willing to accept an application but whilst there is no guarantee they would either actually offer or approve an account at this stage, they will indicate if they would accept an application which normally implies if all the information is correct, they would be happy to process it.

Once this stage has been completed you will be informed of the approximate cost and time it takes to complete the process.

You will not be informed of whom has agreed to accept an application however you may be given an indication subject to confirmation from the provider.

Stage two is not compulsory and you can end our service there with no further cost if you wish.

Stage 2: Consultation and Application service.

This is the second stage and once this payment has been made and in order to focus on the best provider, a face to face meeting with one of our senior advisers will be arranged either in London (UK) or via a Skype call. During this consultation our adviser will be able to ascertain your exact situation and gather as much information regarding the business, it’s main principles and how the business operates in order to see which bank or provider available will be best suited.

Please note you will also at this stage be required to provide photo ID of yourself and any other main principles of the business.

After the consultation and where possible, you will be informed of the provider and how we would need to proceed with the application.

Once this has been completed we will compile all the necessary information and details in order to process the full application with the chosen provider.

There will invariably be more information or clarification required depending on the complexity of the application, but we will at every stage be on hand to deal with any additional processes.

Stage 3: Completion and Account opening.

Once the account has been confirmed as approved, the balance of the service will be required to be paid in full and your account officially opened. You will then deal directly with the bank as you would any other bank.

The reason why we work in a three stage process is to give our clients the faith that we will complete the necessary work at each stage whilst getting their commitment with staged payments, which we see as the fairest process for all parties.

You can either speak to use, email us or indeed visit us at our Head Office where will be happy to discuss and ultimately find you the best available service you require.

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Our Specialist Services

We want to help you find the best possible provider and often we can find a variety of options, regardless of the residency of the main business principles or the nature of the business.

We offer a three stage process as part of our servcie to help open non UK resident business bank accounts however if your requirements are of a more urgent nature and you need to speed up your application, please speak to one of our specialist advisers who will be only too happy to see how we can fast track your application.

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