Introducers - Guaranteed Business Accounts

Additional services to offer your Clients

Do you have clients who may require a new Business Account but have been unable to open one with a high street provider?

If so we can help both them and your business.

Helping your Clients.

We offer a guaranteed business account opening service specially designed for anyone who is unable to get a regular business account due to either their credit rating, the nature of their business or not being a UK resident.

We have a variety of options available to anyone who can be formally identified and that operates a legally trading business.

We can help anyone with credit problems (including bankrupts or those in an IVA), non-UK residents who own a UK registered company and any business regardless of what they do, so Money Transfer, Pawn Brokers, Cheque Cashing or indeed any MSB, plus we can help those involved in Gambling, Adult Entertainment or anything normally rejected by the main providers due to the nature of their business.

Helping You.

There are two main benefits of introducing business to us:

1 – We can help your clients, so you will be seen to be providing a valuable additional service for your client base by helping them find some business account facilities for their company.

2 – We will reward any successful introduction with a share of our revenue so will pay a commission on every business account we open for a client you introduce to us OR we will deduct any commission you would have earned from their application fee.

Everyone’s situation is different and often so is the advice we give, so we would always look to understand the client’s situation before we find a suitable requirement for them.

There is always an answer and even though they may have to accept a compromise in some situations, our guaranteed service means we will always be able to open an account they can use for their business.

All you need to do is simply refer them over to us via your own unique link and leave the rest to us!

Potential commission earnings or client discounts can be seen below:


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Guaranteed Business Account Category 'B'

£35/Per Account Opened
  • Guaranteed Business Account
  • Restricted Businesses Considered
  • No Credit Checks all Adverse Credit Accepted
  • No limit on balances or transaction
  • Sort Codes, Account Number & Internet Banking
  • Open in 3-5 business days

Guaranteed Business Account Category 'C'

£25/Per Account Opened
  • Guaranteed Online Business Account
  • Sort Code, Account Number, Internet Banking
  • Direct debits, Standing Orders, Pay-in Cash & Cheques
  • Adverse Credit Accepted inc Bankrupts
  • Semi-restricted Businesses considered
  • Open in 3-5 business days

You can either speak to us, email us or indeed visit us at our Head Office where will be happy to discuss the oportunities available by offering our services.

Perception House

50B Duke Street

Phone: 020 3286 3929
FreePhone: 0800 773 4316


Our Guaranteed Services

We always want to help you find the best possible provider and can offer a GUARANTEED service for all of our services, regardless of any credit problems, the nature of any business activity or residence of the main business principles.

In all cases we will need to see identification documents for all the main principles and that of the business, to prove the identity of individuals and that the business is genuinely trading. For any non-UK resident applicants we will require all documents submitted are notarised.

In EVERY instance, as long as your client can be formally identified and they are running a legally trading business, we will be able to help.

Guaranteed Merchant Services, open a credit card machine even with bad credit

Call today to discuss how we can help your Business.

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