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Business Account

Zipp Business Accounts are ideally suited for companies engaged in cross border transactions and with global audience and revolutionises transaction settlements between business establishments.
Some of the useful features include:

• Multiple currency accounts for holding currency balances

• Instant Payments to Distributor/Agent networks across the world

• Instant Supplier Bill settlements

• Low-cost Guarantees in lieu of LCs with minimum paperwork

• Staff travel expenses and central treasury management

Currency Exchange

The world’s first Dynamic Currency Exchange Platform

Zipp multi-currency account holders have the facility to exchange currencies for value at Spot and forward rates. They will further be able to set Limit orders as required.

A large number of currencies are supported.

The Exchange platform is available on a 24/7 basis

Multi Currency Account

A multi-currency account allows the account holder to hold balances in a multiple of currencies and the range of currencies is set by CFS-Zipp.

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