Today was another day with lots of variety with an assortment of business looking to open new business accounts, mainly due to their poor credit rating but with some due to the nature of their business.

The first enquiry of the day was from an obvious creative business person who was looking for a new account for a production company, had some  adverse credit but not too much that will cause them not to get a business account. Had full ID and could prove their identity, so application taken and being processed.

Next up a loan company who provides small medium type loans – been given notice by high street bank so needs an account quickly as has current loans to manage. Found a UK provider, not a perfect fit but a very good compromise so application taken and awaiting all ID docs. Account approved in principle.

Building maintenance and general odd-jobs, new Limited company that needs a business account. Has a variety of CCJs against his name so declined by two high street banks so applied for an online account. Does get a small amount of cash but basically needed to accept online transfers and to pay cheques into – problem solved & account applied for!

Healthcare professional, new limited company who invoices via time sheets. Was declined by Barclays Bank and didn’t want to apply elsewhere as knew they would be declined again and needed to simply open a new business account in order to receive their payment.

Importer of pet products, new business but struggled to get a new business account due to some adverse credit. Only needed to take online payments so online business account was ideal solution as can now accept all online payments and get paid into their proper business bank account.

Another loan company, another decline by the high street banks and another application taken for our new account designed for all MSBs. Account fee paid and awaiting docs to be sent through but expect to have their account opened in a couple of days.

Pub & restaurant, owner has small chain each with their own Limited Company but has been declined for the latest business bank account they applied for, which seems strange as he has other accounts but could not get one for his latest business. Has full ID and whilst not a perfect fit, we found an excellent compromise until he can convince his regular bank to open him an additional business account.