Today we had steady flow of business looking to open up new business accounts and merchant services, most of which we were able to help straight away, others we will need to work a little harder to find a suitable solution.

Some of the types of business include the following examples:

Application from a European resident who operates a UK business and needed a business account for his Limited Company – we have a solution and sent our full application, so that has now been received with their payment, so ready to process.

Accountant with some personal adverse credit needed information on our new business bank accounts – obviously has sufficient ID so opened an online account as all their transactions were online – low cost and easy to open.

New start up business, applied with two high street banks but been declined, so applied with us. Offered an online account as a good option with a view to repairing their credit report so that they can then apply for a high street bank account.

Limited company, sole director but has bad credit and needs a proper business account as been trying to use a personal account for their business. Solution provided and application processed.

Call from India requiring new business account with merchant services – might be difficult due to their location, but we have an account we know they can get and are positive we will find a solution for him – ongoing work required but confident we will help.

Ltd company business bank accounts required, declined by two high street banks, no credit required but needs online banking and a debit card – solution found and application completed.

Management consultant needed both business account and personal account – both provided and applications completed.

Application from South African residents who has a UK business – application received along with all necessary ID so should be ready to process in next day or so.

Engineer who uses Ltd Co to get paid but has been declined so was very appreciative we were able to find a solution – online account, all applied and should have sort code & account number in the next day or so.