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Business Bank Account for Consultants

If you are a Limited Company and offer consultancy service you will obviously require a business bank account for that company as any payments made out directly to the business would only be able to be paid in to an account in that name.

One of the problems regarding the opening of a business bank account for consultants is that during the application process a credit check will be performed on all of the main principles of the business, meaning if any have had any type of credit issues in the past then your application will probably be declined.

Even when opening a brand new company all the main principles (and often any shareholder with over 20% of the company) will need to be both identified and have their credit checked.

Should any adverse credit be discovered, then in the majority of these cases the application will be declined leaving you without a business bank account.

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Opening a Business Bank Accounts including those with a bad credit rating.

There are FCA Regulated business accounts available even for those with credit problems, so you will always be able to open one and use it for your Limited Company.

Don’t Use a Personal Account – Under no circumstances should you use a Personal account for your Limited Company as it could cause you a multitude of problems and as we can open you a guaranteed business account, there should be no reason to do so.

In many cases we help you directly however it may be that in certain circumstances you will be advised to seek a more specialist service in which case we will simply refer you over, ensuring you will always get the best possible advice available even if it means using another company.

In all circumstances, once we have been able to speak to you and understand your precise situation, the company structure and activity we can agreed on what would be best for you before proceeding – in every situation we will always look to offer you a choice of solutions where possible giving you the choice of which one will work best for you and your business.

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Business Bank Account for Consultants – Essential for Every Profession

It is essential for every Business to have it’s own business bank account and even more so if you are a Consultant and using your registered Limited Company to invoice for your work or service.

It will be almost impossible to have any invoice paid into a personal bank account if you use this company structure for your employment and opening a business account can be very difficult if you have any form of adverse credit as most banks will decline your application – so what are your options?

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Business Bank Account for Consultants