Open a Business Account with Bad Credit

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Open a Business Account with Bad Credit

If you have tried to Open a Business Account with Bad Credit you will know there are very few options available as any adverse credit will show on your credit file, warning others you may apply to.

You may well struggle to open a Business account with bad credit as during the application process your (and all principles of the business) will have their credit file checked which will highlight any past or present financial problems you may have had. As the high street banks do not wish to accept anyone with a poor credit rating, your application will almost certainly be declined leaving you with very few options to open a new account

Business Account with Bad Credit – How can we Help you if you have a been declined already?

Even though your options may be limited, we will still be able to help you, regardless of any past or present credit issues you may have, including those who have any type of bad credit. We have various options available and all specifically designed for anyone with credit problems, as we know and appreciate just how essential it is for all Businesses to have a fully functional bank account.

What if we can’t open you a Business Account?

WE WILL – No matter what your circumstances we will be able to help you open a new business account – GUARANTEED. The options available are normally based on ensuring you can prove your identity meaning even those with the most severe credit problems will still be accepted.

Need some further information on Business account with Bad Credit service?

We are here to help you find the right business bank account and depending on your circumstance and the severity of your bad credit, we will make sure your new account is opened as quickly as possible.

Contact Us and we will be able to help you with NO OBLIGATION to proceed so don’t let a bad credit rating stop you opening a new high street business bank account.

Apply Here for a Business Account with Bad Credit – Telephone 020 3286 3929

Opening a Business Account with Bad Credit – What are my Options?

There are occasions when you find your business account has been forcibly closed or you have received a formal notice of closure – if so we will still help.

So what are your options?

Guaranteed High Street Business Bank Account – This is a guaranteed service offered by a bank account Intermediary, which, for a one-off administration fee and proof of identity, will open you a high street business account with one of the main high street providers, regardless of any past credit problems. Once opened you will then deal with them directly like any other account holder. It maybe that you will NOT want to open another high street account if you have had one already forcibly closed, in which case I’m sure we will have an alternative to consider.

Guaranteed Managed Business Bank Account – This is also a guaranteed business account based on Identification, offering you nearly all the functionality of a regular high street bank including a Business Bank Card, Full Internet Banking, Standing Orders/Direct Debits, Faster Payments, pay Cash & Cheques in plus much more

Business Account with Bad Credit
Telephone 020 3286 3929

Our Commitment

We will GUARANTEE you the opening of at least one of these Bank accounts on the condition you (and any other principles of your business) can Identify yourself – so regardless of any past credit or financial problems you may have had, we will definitely open you a new business bank account.

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Open a Business Account with Bad Credit

Get accepted for a Business Account with Bad Credit

We Will help no matter what your circumstances:

Call 01245 905093

and ask to speak to a specialist adviser.

Guaranteed Merchant Services, apply for a credit card machine with guaranteed acceptance

Guaranteed Merchant Services

Guaranteed Merchant Services available for those with Adverse Credit or those that have been refused due to the nature of their business so what ever your circumstances we will be able to provide you with the ability to take all types of credit and debit cards.

Guaranteed Offshore Services

Guaranteed Offshore Services

Whether you require an Offshore Company or an Offshore Bank Account, we can help advise where in the world the best location will be for you and your circumstances. With so many options available, speak to a Specialist for best advice.

Credit Repair Services

Credit Repair Services

One of the main reasons why you will be declined for anything related to finance will be your Credit Rating, so ensuring your credit report is as clean as it could be will ensure you are not penalised, so repair your Credit Report and improve your chances.

Business Accounts with Credit – Essential for Every Business

It is essential for every Business to have it’s own business bank account and using a personal bank account for any business is really not recommend which is why it is important to understand what your options are if you are having problems open up a business bank account.

If you have a Limited Company you should not pay any money into your personal account and whilst this may work for a Sole Trader business, it is strongly recommended to avoid this practice as it could not only cause a problem with HMRC but also if your bank were to discover this, they would almost certainly close your account as they would not allow any personal account to be used for business.

Speak to a Specialist Adviser and see what options will be available for you – 020 3286 3929