Another very busy day with inquiries for business accounts, merchant services and credit repair, so no time for enjoying some warmer weather here in Essex!

A UK limited company offering travel card, money cards and other ‘ore-paid’ type solutions but unable to open a business account. We have a solution but has suggested looking at an offshore account first although they too may wish to avoid their type of business. So trying for an offshore business account but we have a UK based solution if that fails.

UK resident, been away from the UK for some time, has ID but no credit history – which could be just as bad as having a poor one – so struggling to get a business bank account. We have two solutions and confident either will work well for their business.

Cheque cashing business based in Midlands has been given notice on their accounts so needs to get a business account opened within five weeks or their business will close – we have found a suitable solution which will allow cheque cashing businesses to open an account, so waiting for their application and ID before we can process – they promised they would spread the word about our service, so thanks!

Construction contractor, works for one company but uses his own Limited company. Has got severe credit problem so declined by Barclays, Nat West and Lloyds – we took application and expects to get account opened by early next week as account based on identity and not credit report – he was very happy as solved a big problem for him.

Another contractor, but this time a nurse! Similar situation but in an IVA so no chance of getting a regular high street bank account due to her credit report. Application completed, ID sent and (hopefully) account will be opened early next week.

Bankrupt sole trader, has the most basic of personal accounts but knows he is at risk if HMRC wanted to check his accounts so really wanted to get a proper business bank account of his own. Completed application and should be good to go!

Injury claims management needed both bank account and merchant services, has good credit but just nature of business a problem. We think we have the business bank account, so as soon as we have confirmation of the account details, we will be able to get the merchant services.

Mobile mechanic called for merchant services to take his payments but when explained he should not be using a personal account for his limited company, he agreed to apply for a proper business account and subsequently merchant services. He does have some defaults and missed payments but not too severe so no problems expected with this situation.