Limited Company Bank Account for a construction worker – Works for a variety of companies under his Limited Company structure, had some previous adverse credit and needed a proper business account in order to invoice his clients.

Lead Generating Business Account – Generates leads for a legal practice but did not have a business bank account so was using a personal account for his business as was declined by one of the main high street banks. Applied for a no credit check business account with guaranteed acceptance.

Merchant Services – Applicant has some mild bad credit and needed to accept credit and debit card payments but was refused by one of the main stream providers so used our Guaranteed Merchant services service and now has two offers to choose from.

MSB needs Business Account – Money transfer business has been told their business account is being closed so needs to open a new one  ASAP. We have offered our new business accounts specially designed for MSBs which is based on Identity and not teh activity of the business. Application completed and awaiting confirmation.

Pub Landlord requires business bank account and merchant service – has had an IVA so declined by high street bank so applied for a no credit check business bank account along with our guaranteed merchant services for taking card payments.

Healthcare Professional requires Ltd co business account – has some bad credit but needs a business account for their limited company. Declined by Barclays so applied for a no credit check account with sort code, account number, Internet banking and bank card.