Non-UK Resident Business Account Pre-Application Service

Our non-UK Resident pre-application business account service will source you a business account provider who will accept an application regardless of where in the world you live or the nature of your business.

Non-UK Resident Business Account Pre-Application Service:

Our Non-UK Resident Business Account pre-application service is ideal if you have a UK registered Limited Company and need to Open a Business Account, as we will help you source a suitable provider who will accept an application no matter where in the world you live or the nature of your business activity.

Only £195.00 with No Appointment & No UK visit necessary
Apply Online and Send all documents via email

  • Any Non-UK Residents
  • Any Nature of Business

Once we have found you a selection of providers, you will then deal directly with your chosen provider. You will need to pay any additional fees or charges made by the providers in order to proceed however they will make you fully aware of their terms and conditions before deciding if you wish to proceed or not.

You will be under NO OBLIGATION to proceed with any of the providers and will have a free choice as to whether to continue with your application or not.

Order & Pay for Your Non-UK Resident Pre-Application Service by Clicking Here or alternatively, complete our application form by clicking here and pay by card or direct bank transfer.

We will be able to source a business account facility for any legally trading business, Directors and any major shareholders who can formally identify themselves including ALL of the following type business activities:

  • ANY Non-UK Residents
  • E-commerce & Retailers
  • Adult Entertainment
  • BitCoin Traders
  • Gaming & Gambling
  • Pawn Brokers
  • Any MSB/MTO companies
  • Claims Management
  • PayDay Loan other similar businesses
  • Bankrupts/IVAs or ANY adverse credit
  • FX trading businesses
  • Investment Companies

Many of the providers will generally include the following facilities: (these are not guaranteed and will be subject to the individual provider’s T&Cs)

  • Internet Banking
  • Multi-Currency options
  • Debit type card linked to account
  • Local & International payments
  • Cash & cheque acceptance options

The options available include UK High Street banks, Merchant Banks, Managed Accounts, Business eAccounts, UK Private Banks and a variety of Offshore Accounts, some that will offer a UK sort code & account number – so regardless of your situation, we will be able to help however the type of facility available to you will depend on the providers who will accept an application and the circumstances of you and your business. Whilst we will be able to find you a provider, we will be unable to guarantee any specific type of bank or provider until we have provided them with your pre-application details.

You can either speak to use, email us or indeed visit us at our Head Office where will be happy to discuss and ultimately find you the best available service you require.

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Non-UK Resident Business Account

Non-UK Residents

All Non-UK Residents who can be formally identified will be accepted no matter where you live.

For those with legitimately trading businesses who can be formally identified will be accepted. Notarised documentation will be required but applications from within any EU country, Asia, USA, Africa or indeed any part of the world will be accepted.

Non-UK Resident Business Account

Any Type Of Business

Any type of Business activity accepted included all those that have been declined by the main providers.

From any type of Financial company like Pawn Brokers to Loan companies, Foreign Exchange to Cheque Cashing, any Gaming & Gambling, Adult Entertainment, BitCoin traders, Precious Jewelery ad any other restricted business activity.

Non-UK Resident Business Account

Based on Identity

All applications are based on the identity of you and your business

Prove your Identity including that of your business with notarised documentation and you can be assured of opening a business account. Whilst some providers will be selective on the natures of your business, there will always be an account provider who will accept an application regardless of the nature of the business.

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